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NationalRegisterPro.org is a recruiting and credentials verification resource for healthcare and other agencies that hire or contract with licensed, doctoral-level psychologists. The psychologists featured on this website are currently credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. The National Register conducts primary source verification of education (doctoral degree in psychology) and training (supervised internship and postdoctoral experiences) at the time of the psychologists’ application and verifies licensure and specialty board certification at least annually with the applicable licensing or specialty board. The National Register regularly collects disciplinary actions taken by regulatory boards and other professional organizations, and takes action via its Committee on Professional Practice and Ethics.

Rely on the Deemed Source
  • Verify that your psychologists hold an approved doctoral degree in psychology, internship, postdoctoral supervised experience, active unrestricted license(s), and board certification. The credentials you need are obtained directly from the primary sources.
  • Expand or recruit to your network by locating psychologists by geographic location with specific areas of expertise, languages spoken, hospital staff membership, and ages served.
  • Access credential number, credential date, and re-credential date.
Credentialing Health Service Psychologists

When reviewing the credentials of psychologists, we:

  1. Determine which licensed psychologists meet the National Register’s stringent requirements for education, internship, and experience as healthcare professionals;
  2. Monitor the licensure status and ethical conduct of health service psychologists by verifying licensure status with the primary source at least twice yearly and requiring health service psychologists to attest to ethical conduct annually; and
  3. Disseminate standards for evaluating the education, training and credentialing of health service psychologists.
Providing Free Access to Credentialing Information

Health plans, hospitals, and organizations can request a free subscription to NationalRegisterPro.org and can verify the credentials of its psychologists at their convenience. Subscribers can search our database of more than 11,000 licensed psychologists and access the following credentialing information:

  • Doctoral Degree in Psychology
  • Supervised Internship Experience
  • Postdoctoral Supervised Experience
  • Board Certification (if applicable)
  • Certification Number
  • Initial Certification Date
  • Re-Certification Date
  • Jurisdiction of Licensure
Meeting Your Specific Needs

Psychologists credentialed by the National Register may list five areas of expertise. In order to help you locate psychologists who meet your specific needs, you may choose one or more of the thirty-eight areas of expertise. These areas of practice are chosen by the psychologist, based on their specific education and training experience. You can search general categories, such as psychological assessment, individual psychotherapy, couples psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, and group psychotherapy, and more specialized services (e.g., clinical neuropsychological assessment and play therapy) or problems (e.g. depression). Although it may significantly reduce the number of psychologists identified, more than one area of expertise can be selected at one time in a search. (Hold the ctrl key down to select up to 5 different areas of expertise).

Providing Free Credentials Verification Letters
National Register

The National Register has served psychologists, consumers, and the healthcare community since its inception in 1974. The National Register is the largest credentialing organization for licensed psychologists.

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Primary Source Verification

National Register credentialing procedures are consistent with JCAHO standards for primary source verification.

An Acceptable Source for Education and Training

NRPRo Subscribers will meet NCQA Health Plan and MBHO Standards and Guidelines for the verification of education and training by including a copy of the National Register’s Statement of Primary Source Verification as part of the credentialing records. Click here for the Statement of Primary Source Verification.

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